Choosing Between a Cubicle or a Workstation

Every company is different. While some may want a more open, collaborative environment, others need privacy and personal space. Understanding the difference between a cubicle and a workstation will help you mirror your workplace environment needs and choose what works best for you.

Office cubicles have been around for decades and many businesses prefer them because they allow employees to work efficiently without distraction. They tend to have a cheap overhead cost, as you can fit more employees into smaller spaces without sacrificing privacy. Cubicles are best used in offices that require employees to work individually, such as when making frequent phone calls, completing data entry, handling confidential client information, or doing bookkeeping tasks.

With that being said, workstations have been on the rise. Many people find cubicles restricting and isolating, which may actually deter from productivity. If your company needs an environment that fosters creativity and allows for strategic engagement and collaboration, you should opt for workstations. Workstations are more open than cubicles yet still allow for individual space. Each employee will have their own space, but won’t be divided from the rest of the company with walls. Workstations are more modern and as business models continue to evolve, many companies are open to making this change.

To choose between cubicles or workstations, look at whether you have an individual office culture or a collective culture. Cubicles will help you foster an individual culture while keeping the flow of information to a minimum—great for businesses that require information security. Workstations will help you build a more collaborative environment that can greatly increase your team’s engagement and creativity. Depending on your company, it might even be a good idea to identify each department’s needs and opt for the office system that best suits each. There’s nothing wrong with having cubicles in one area of your office and workstations in another. In fact, it might just be the best solution for everyone.

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