Choosing the Right Conferencing Table


When you have a company in which meetings with the whole work team are part of everyday life, customers visit the company often, or simply feel the need to adapt a space within the office that welcomes everyone at certain times; the need is created to have a conference table that meets clear specifications to meet that need.

These tables play an important role in the organization. They have a purpose beyond giving comfort and good looks to the office. If you have adequate spaces for a wide audience, you can have not only greater comfort, but also better communication for both employees and people who visit the facilities.

Knowing how to choose a good conference table from the beginning, avoids future logistical problems. To do this, some important aspects such as:

  • The measures of space
  • The capacity according to the need and the magnitude of the organization
  • The functionality
  •  The type of table according to the intention


When referring to "table types". We emphasize some of our high quality products:

Round conference tables or racecourse. A star product within our organization. Why? Simple. These tables are ideal for handling excellent visual communication. They allow the other members present at the meeting to be perceived from any seat; allowing a smooth, clear and of course communication that welcomes all participants equally.

On the other hand, if what is desired is to give priority to the aesthetic aspect in the office. The recommendation is a table with metal base conference table. This allows us to mix comfort and presence. In addition, having a minimalist structure the supports are less spacious and much lighter. It allows to add a greater amount of chairs to the space and to be able to move the table with ease.

The boat-shaped conference table is also quite functional. This product highlights the people who are in charge of the meeting, differentiating the receiver's issuer. This table as an important feature is very practical and comfortable. It generates a feeling of spaciousness both in space and for those who use it.

All products have a high level of quality. However, each table is destined to fulfill a specific function according to the intention of use when acquiring it.

How to know which one to buy?

It is necessary to take into account an imperative factor that will determine how to choose the appropriate table:

  • What function is being sought (better communication, capacity of members required in a meeting, aesthetic aspect; hierarchy between managers and work team, etc.)


With this goal in mind, it is time to choose the ideal conference table. Whatever your company's need for space conditioning, Hero Office Systems has the solution. 


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