How to Create a Productive Office Space

The environment you work in has a huge impact on your performance. When your office space is set up inefficiently, productivity falls. Rather than succumb to low quality or delayed work, we recommend taking some time to rearrange your office so that it fosters productivity. This doesn’t mean you have to tear everything down and start from scratch. In fact, something as simple as choosing the right conference table has been shown to boost productivity and create a more collaborative work environment. What works for some companies doesn’t work for others, which is why professional recommendations, like those made by Hero Office Systems, is a great place to start. In the meantime, here is everything you need to know about how to create a productive office space. 


Consider Your Layout

Do you have an open layout or are your employees hidden behind cubicle walls? Does this layout reflect your needs? While some companies thrive in open environments, others need privacy to get work done. Consider your layout and think about whether it compliments or detracts from your current workspace. Opting for ethospace workstations gives you the customization you need to change with the shifting demands of your business. However, if your employees absolutely need their privacy to get the job done, modular workstations will increase productivity.  


Bring in Some Psychology 

Did you know that different colors bring out specific feelings and affect you in different ways? You can help influence productivity in the office by opting for green paint or décor, as it has been known to increase subconscious productivity. 


Opt for Natural Lighting

Everybody hates sitting under fluorescent lights all day. When you do, it drastically diminishes the amount and quality of work as the day moves on. Instead, try to allow as much natural light as possible to enter your office space. Natural light not only boosts productivity, but will also help your employees’ attitude, quality of sleep, and overall life in general. If you have windows around your office, open the shades and consider installing ethospace workstations so everyone can be exposed to the daylight. If you can’t harness enough natural light, eliminate fluorescents and install full-spectrum light bulbs instead.  


Re-evaluate Your Furniture 

In typical offices, employees sit for most of the day. When they’re uncomfortable, productivity drops. Reevaluate your office furniture to make sure that you’re using the right chairs, desks, and conference tables. 

Small changes can have big impacts, especially when it comes to productivity and overall office demeanor. Try a few of these changes and see what happens. Even basic renovations have the ability to improve your employees’ work spirit, office space, and productivity.

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