How to Choose the Right Office Chair

Regardless of what you do, if you work in an office you’re going to need office chairs. Yes, standing desk trends are on the rise, but they aren’t going to completely eradicate sitting down any time soon. So, how do you start your search for the perfect office chair? What do you look at first? Price? Comfort? Ergonomics? The right office chair can easily help employees be more productive and it should never have an adverse effect on health. To make sure that you’re giving your employees the best chance for success, here are a few tips on how to choose an office chair.


Check for Lumbar Support


If you’re going to be sitting all day, you need to have the proper comfort and support for your lower back. When you opt for an office chair with good lumbar support, you’ll increase comfort and help minimize compression and long-term strain on the spine.


Opt for Adjustability


Not everyone is built the same. To make sure your chairs are ergonomically correct for everyone, you need something adjustable. Make sure your office chairs can be adjusted by height so that everyone can find the right position at their desk. Another key adjustability element is the backrest. It should be able to move both forward and backward with an adjustable angle.


Choose Breathable Materials


Sitting against a breathable material for 40 hours a week is much more comfortable than a hard surface or one with no airflow. While looking at materials, make sure the chairs are also adequately padded.


Have the Option for Armrests


Using armrests regularly helps reduce the overall strain your upper body endures. Because of this, some people rely on using armrests—others work better without them. Give your employees the choice. Find a chair with adjustable armrests so employees can use them if they need to.


Encourage Mobility


If you can’t swivel around in your office chair, your mobility is greatly reduced. While this might not be a problem for some, it can drastically reduce productivity for others. Encourage mobility and give your employees more flexibility with range of motion by finding office chairs with swivel and casters.


Choosing the perfect office chair doesn’t have to stress you out. Since 1952, the Storlie Company has offered high quality office furniture products. At Hero Office Systems, we’re proud to offer these same quality products to you. Whatever you need, we’ll either have it or we’ll get it for you.

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