How to Set Up an Office Space on a Budget

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1. Plan it Out

Whether you’re looking to renovate an entire room or are starting from scratch, try envisioning your space before you make any purchases. Get creative with your layout and try to find a way to boost productivity without having to buy too many things. Planning first saves you from impulsive purchases.

2. Use What You Have

After envisioning your space, see what you already have. Can you incorporate anything into your office? If so, do it. Repurposing old or gently used furniture and supplies is a great way to save some money. If you find that what you have doesn’t really fit in with your vision you can always replace it down the road.


3. Avoid Buying New

Furnishing your office is by far the most expensive aspect of setting up an office. Luckily, you can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing pre-owned office cubicles like Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles from Hero Office Solutions. Doing so will give you the quality you want at the prices you need. All of the cubicles are checked for quality, so you can ensure that it will last you for years to come.  


4. Be Eco-Friendly

When you get your office up and running, look for ways to be more eco-friendly. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs or use natural light as often as possible. Consider only have cell phones instead of landlines. Avoid buying and using large appliances like industrial copiers and fax machines if you don’t need them. Saving a few dollars here and there each month on energy costs adds up.


5. Decorate Yourself

Create the wall décor and office decorations yourself. There are hundreds of websites that walk you through great DIY projects to fill both small and large spaces. Doing so will easily save you hundreds of dollars.

You don’t have to go bankrupt setting up your office space. You can create a beautiful, productive, and efficient office space on a budget. Making the investment in used office furniture by Hero Office Systems, like Herman Miller cubicles or refurbished cubicles, is the perfect way to avoid sacrificing quality for price.


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