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When we talk about the perfect chair for work we mean that specific chair in which each person can work in a comfortable and healthy way all day long for years on end. It is clear that, each person needs a fully equipped chair with clear specifications that favor their comfort and of course adapts to the type of work performed.

To be able to get this chair we must take into account that it must be ergonomic for all those who seek absolute support on their back. An ergonomic chair, goes from being luxury and comfort, to be our complement in office hours, this is because these chairs adapt to the person, helping to achieve an optimal body posture. In addition to a good chair allows us more labor productivity. Well, being rested the body this becomes energy and motivation.

Another real reason why it is of the utmost importance to have an ideal chair to work, is because it protects your health and will prevent from long term deterioration to keep your posture and body intact. In addition, great seating helps motivate to have better work performance and the willingness to do larger longer projects or for those long board meetings.

Here are some tips that should be taken into account to choose a good chair:


1. Materials and Shape

First of all, the material becomes indispensable when it is taken into account that allows us to choose the right option to seek to be more productive in job performance. 

In terms of materials for covering the seat of the chair, it must be made of fabric that can perspire and that is flexible with a padding of more or less 20 mm thick, there are also structures that are metallic, aluminum bases, they guarantee us greater durability considering that a professional chair has a more extensive use than a domestic chair. We should avoid as much as possible that it is a sliding material.

2. Lumbar Support

You also have to look very closely at what material it has when regarding what the backrest is made of, since the backrest is undoubtedly the most important piece in an ideal chair. We must look at aspects such as the ergonomic shape and whether or not it has a lumbar support system . Lumbar support is important especially because this support ensures an optimal support of the spine, which is necessary as this is one of the most delicate areas and prone to suffer injuries or acute pain .

3. Ability to Adjust

Another important fact to consider is to look at things like your adjustments, this is very important because the more precise adjustments you have, the more likely you are to adapt it to our morphology and achieve the body posture indicated for our health.


4. The Armrest

An armrest is suitable for office chairs and are a great support to avoid discomfort in the upper joints and certainly guarantee a better posture.


5. Sustainable and Long-Lasting

The ideal chair must have a defined stability and durability, this does not mean that they must be without wheels, on the contrary, if it has much better rides, it makes it easier to move easily. One great chair for instance that offers a lifetime warranty is Buzz Seating. 


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